In helping you get focused, get on track, and get back to profitable growth this blog is part 1 of a 12 part series providing more detail supporting the Business Change Flow presented on my web site, Center for Managing Change.

This first blog covers 5 Tips To Restore Profitable Growth. Often and surprisingly one of the “rewards” for success is problems emerging from seemingly nowhere. Sometimes these problems are flat-out nasty! They make it difficult to restore profitable growth. In fact, they can be so difficult they are called wicked problems because of their very nature:

  • marbleized throughout your organization
  • excessive overtime required to meet client needs
  • missed end dates,
  • cost- and time overruns
  • resistant to root-cause analysis
  • compartmentalized efforts to improve the situation in a given area of the company repeatedly fail

The list goes on-and-on. 

What is needed to restore profitable growth is a stepping back or climbing above the situation to get a complete picture of all that is going on in order to:

  1. Look at your business as an organic whole where actions taken in any one area have a measurable ripple effect on another.
  2. Measure the gap between needed performance and what is actually occurring.
  3. Gain an understanding of how the current state of morale is impacting performance.
  4. Start developing a sense of what changes are needed in order to get to a new, stable state.
  5. Develop a method that is scaleable and which has buy-in from all your stakeholders from team members to clients to vendors.

In order to restore profitable growth we must first recover from any confusion and get on track. To learn more about this read the next blog in this series, 4 Tips To Get Back On Track For Profitable Growth.

Also, for more information regarding change management and how you can get your arms around it download my free e-book, Mindset – 5 Simple Ways To Look At Complex Problems.