Reaching your goals is the heart of your business. Meeting them requires the right processes and procedures. Center for Managing Change (CMC) works with you to apply business analysis skills consistent with internationally recognized methods to assess your business strategy and business cases, and then determine the right methods for your situation.

Working with CMC you will do an initial assessment using our unique Chaos Quiz©*. The results will tell you how stable or unstable your business is, breaking the analysis down into 9 major areas.

We then begin the process of simplifying methods as much as possible, driving towards increased productivity and predictability.

Specifically, we work with you to go through the specific areas of your business, your organizational hierarchy, managers, employees, and stakeholders (both internal and external) to find where and what changes are needed in order to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Needed functional changes are identified and rolled into the Business Requirements Document (BRD), the basis for the project plan needed to guide the design and development of detailed solutions. For more on how plans are developed and executed see Project Management.

During this process CMC starts with assessing your team to determine where relationships are strong and consistent with business goals. The assessment will also determine where change is needed. This means that even with high motivation, the old ways aren’t working, and you need your people to take that enthusiasm and move it into making necessary changes in order to be more effective. For more on this see People & Politics.

*Contact us for more details