The Eye-Opening, Passion Igniting, Road Block Destroying Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners. “Jump-start Your Business” is the Boot Camp Experience You Need to Quickly Move Forward

If your business is stuck, this is the smart GREASE you need to get your wheels turning again.

If your business was a terrific idea in the beginning, but is now getting bogged down in puzzling details – THIS is the jump-start you crave to once again power forward.

If your business was off to a mind-blowing start, but is now slowing to a trudge – I’ve got the big PUSH you need to once again start enjoying prodigious sales.

Oh, and I also want to speak to those who have a business idea, but just can’t seem to get started. For every new business that hangs up its OPEN sign, there are 20 more that never get out of the idea phase. And, in my 35 years of consulting experience, MOST of those ideas are killer, rock solid business concepts that could change lives, transform the world, and make a HUGE difference in their owner’s future.

Have You Hit A Wall?

The focus of the Jump-start Your Business boot camp is for entrepreneurs and small business owners who have “Hit a Wall” with management and growth. What started out with great promise has now skidded to a halt. You find yourself preoccupied with some or all of the following:

You’ve got a business plan but just can’t move it forward
Orders are coming in but not getting completed on time
Some customers are frustrated and complaining
Work isn’t getting done fast enough for good profits
Mistakes keep cropping up and they’re costing you
People on your team can’t agree and it’s hurting morale

This tension is good because it means you’re thinking, you are trying, and you are actively searching for good solutions. This Boot Camp is the answer to that call. Here you will get the proven ideas, sound techniques, the eye-opening insights, and understandable 1-2-3’s you need to get production pumping once again.

This Boot Camp is for the small biz owner who has lost focus. Your laser sharp start-up idea seemed like an overwhelming winner when discussed with your best friend over a tall latte at Starbucks. But now the business is up and running, the original focus doesn’t seem to be working. Now you’re branching out, going different directions, desperately searching for something, anything that will work.

Maybe Your Methods Fell Apart

In addition to solopreneurial and entrepreneurial businesses, we find these concerns in a lot of up-and-running businesses whether family owned or partner-based. After the business gets up and running, the various partners develop divergent opinions. One wants to stay true to the original concept. Another is convinced a few “tweaks” are in order. While a 3rd is jumping up and down to expand, change directions, diversify. The vacuum repair store is now selling ice cream next to the replacement belts.

More often we see a business missing deadlines. If there is one thing customers absolutely HATE, it’s when you don’t deliver when you said you would. Missed deadlines cause headaches, complaints that must be addressed, and discourage sales down the road.

Projects are sometimes disorganized. The quality is great on some days while falling far short on others. Rather than creating systems that avoid problems before they start, your team is scrambling to put out fires. Your day is spent feverishly repairing, re-doing, and apologizing.

Meanwhile relationships on the team are increasingly difficult. Lots of work with few favorable results tends to put everyone in a cranky mood. Soon your usually even temper is being tested by employees and partners who openly challenge your ideas, methods, and authority.

And getting back to customers and clients – frequently having to calm exasperated customers can take all the fun out of your business. Nothing deflates an owner’s balloon like hearing those words “I’m disappointed” coming from a valued customer.

I Get YOU Focused, Back On Track, Speeding To Success

Don’t let your business sit in a fog, stuck in problems that just can’t seem to be fixed. Even if you THINK you are heading toward this common quagmire, NOW is the time to start using my proven techniques to get your business back on track.

I use the latest in Change Management Principles to help you develop a laser focus. You feel invigorated with a fresh rededication to your business. Your operation becomes more productive. As you learn, then master Change Management you will overcome those intractable problems. You and your business move forward to bigger sales, better customer satisfaction, and a smoother operating business with far less stress and fewer problems.

How I Work

The goal of the Jump-start Your Business boot camp is to develop a top-down frame of mind in the 9 key areas of my Chaos Quiz. This teaches you to be the CEO at the highest level – working in a coordinated manner to build your plan, rally your team, delegate tasks, and, where needed, jump in to do work yourself.

You learn how to lead change management. You learn how to work on relationships, create and manage projects, and build a business plan. You also create business cases for projects.

For specific areas of expertise I will sometimes bring in specialists who can give you a head start in those areas unique to your business. I’ll tell you who to contact for further help.

You Learn My Proven 3-Step Approach To Kicking Your Business or Idea Through The Goal Posts

Step 1: Business Case and associated business processes. We break it down into the 9 areas of the Chaos Quiz looking for your strong aspects and places where improvements can be made.

Step 2: Mastering People and Politics. Yes, even your small biz is going to hinge on how well those around you do their jobs. Based on your personality assessment we determine your best-fit with the team and ways to better communicate with everyone in working towards greater profitability and productivity.

Step 3: Project Management. These are the time-tested and cutting-edge new methods that help you work through projects – achieving better results, delighting customers, and expanding profits while reducing costs. This is the nitty gritty of making your business hum.

Everything we do is embedded in Change Management, including advanced Chaos and Complexity Theory. Don’t worry, I make these powerful techniques understandable in 1-2-3’s you can put to work immediately.

This program isn’t easy. It requires your best effort. I’ve learned that’s the best way for your business to improve and move forward.

The Jump-start Your Business Boot Camp is 100% Virtual – Participate Anywhere On Your Own Schedule

Nobody is busier than small business owners. That’s why I decided to make this Boot Camp 100% virtual. It runs for 4 Weeks, meeting twice a week in 2-hour sessions. Of course, it’s all done online so you can enjoy this remarkable experience in the comfort of your home or office.

We’re serious about giving you the tools you need, so there will be homework in-between classes. These will be extremely helpful exercises that help you get right to the core of what you need to super-charge your business or idea.

The week before the camp starts you and I will work on your personality assessment and briefing as will the other attendees. Sharing results with classmates will be valuable for helping everyone move forward with maximum learning and change. My decades of experience have shown projects only go as far as the politics. Attendees will learn the strengths and challenges different personality types face in the workplace.

You will work in a live-fire situation where you bring YOUR OWN company problems. You will instantly become part of an inspired community of owners and entrepreneurs who are all working to achieve their goals. This will continue after the boot camp via membership in our private Facebook group, access to Center for Managing Change’s electronic library, and attendance to webinars with invited experts.

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To your success!

Your coach and Boot Camp leader,

Gary Monti, MS PMP
Center for Managing Change