In helping you get focused, get on track, and get back to profitable growth this blog is part 2 of a 12 part series providing more detail supporting the Business Change Flow presented on my web site, Center for Managing Change.

The previous blog in this series talked about, 5 Tips To Restore Profitable Growth. This requires getting your people and methods back on track. The way to do that is with reproducible, sustainable, reliable methods. Because of the stress created by the success this can take some doing since your methods may not only be derailed they may, even under the best of circumstances, be sputtering and starting to fail. Here I want to talk about 4 Tips To Get Back On Track For Profitable Growth:

  1. Listen to your people. Those closest to the work usually can tell you what the challenges are and provide suggestions to improve the situation.
  2. Be humble. Remember, your best thinking got you here and this includes the difficulties being experienced as well as the successes.
  3. Have an open mind. Set aside some time and money for some sunk-cost experiments where you can gather more information as to what might work and give it a go.
  4. Let the process work. Let go of trying to force solutions. Just like the problems you had emerged from success the solutions can emerge from practicing steps 1-3 and letting the process take its course for a period of time before making any course corrections.

If you can keep these points front-most in your mind then you will be able to proceed at the fastest reasonable speed to get your business back on track.

In order to get on track one must have a focus. To learn more about thisBusiness Change Flow read the next blog in this series, 3 Ideas To Get Focused For Profitable Growth.

Also, for more information regarding change management and how you can get your arms around it download my free e-book, Mindset – 5 Simple Ways To Look At Complex Problems.