This episode is an interview with Brittany Dixon of Process for Profit. and continues our look at the relationship between fear and bad habits (see the previous article,  Fear and Bad Habits – Give Yourself A Break and/or listen to the previous podcast of the same title) . Specifically, we dive into addressing obstacles fear creates which leads to wasting time, lowered efficiency, and an aimlessness in terms of moving one’s business forward. Brittany is an Operations/Efficiency expert.

Brittany went from event organizer to home organizer to business organizer. She found she loved organizing everything “behind the curtain.” When she went out on her own she started with a side hustle organizing cluttered homes. Over time, this evolved into helping people organize their businesses. She found that clients strayed from their “zone of genius” and were getting distracted by all the aspects of their business about which they lack familiarity.

Brittany emphasizes that simply relying on hustle is insufficient to grow business. Organization is critical.

The conversation switched to dealing with resistance and its relationship to Fear and Bad Habits by walking through the 5 basic fears and addressing how Brittany deals with them:

1. Fear of uncertainty in one’s world could fall apart leading to rigidity. Brittany addresses this by providing case studies to show the benefits of moving away from the old behaviors. Goals, goals, goals;

2. Fear of being consumed leading to people-pleasing to cover vulnerability. Saying “no” is critical if one is to grow their business. It’s important to be one’s own gate-keeper;

3. Fear of being isolating leading to wanting to do everything and be everything for everyone. Without narrowing down to a specific niche growth is almost impossible. Boundaries are critical;

4. Being riddled with self-doubt leading to way too much busy work and over-explaining instead of believing in themselves and making simple decisions. Working through the fear of success and moving forward is critical;

5. Fear of being clueless leading to just falling apart and being unable to see the big picture. Here is where Brittany works with the client on developing strategic goals…thinking a year out and then choosing tactics that will get to those goals. These individuals need to take a more proactive position rather than reacting to everything. This behavior may be influenced by the jobs they had before going out on their own, i.e., being a hero at work by picking up and reacting to every problem.

Working with Brittany will require changing one’s sense of significance and how that is derived. Hustle is not sustainable. Also, being organized helps in determining how best to form relationships that are in your best interest instead of just trying to get relief and engaging in dysfunctional relationships.

Organization helps with generating a clear plan along with associated strategies and tactics.

We closed out the conversation by Brittany talking about how she has to apply to herself the principles she uses with her clients.

To find out more about Brittany and her work helping clients increase profitability through process improvement listen to her podcast, The Process for Profit Show, or go to her website, Process For Profit. You can also connect with her on Facebook

and Instagram. She also has a membership site, Hustle To Flow.

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