What is your business case for today? To figure out your business case:

– state your goals (To-Be state)

– state where you are (As-Is state)

– determine the gap

create the argument that drives your to-do list

If you get right to it and start working — great!

If you go blank, well, that’s great, too! Why? You just found your starting point, admitting to yourself where you are. From here you can start taking positive action.

So, what to do?

Sit with the blankness. See what surfaces. Have a note pad and jot down what flows through your head. Just bullet points, nothing fancy.

Wait for a pattern to emerge. This part can be tough. The urge to get coffee, get onto something else, procrastinate, or just get busy can set in. Write that down, too. Add it to the list!

Eventually, the thing you are avoiding will pop up. Now you can get to work!

Sit with what’s being avoided and the uncomfortable feeling that goes with it.

Now, here’s the challenging part: without trying to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling start listing solutions to what is being avoided.

Brainstorm with yourself.

Keep doing this until something surfaces you can take action on. Something that deals with whatever it is you are avoiding.

Go slow! It’s actually faster than you think. Besides, it’s better than just sitting there blank.

Sit a little longer to see if anything else comes up.

When you get to this point of solution-generation, you’ll be surprised. Even while having uncomfortable feelings a sense of centeredness and simplicity starts setting in. THAT’s what you want to nurture.

You’ll start knowing what to do and…wait!…did I just say “to do!”

You’ll now have your business case and the associated to do list for the day!