Dan Roman, PMP, PMI-ACP, shares his thoughts on deciding how best to move an IT project forward. Rather than being wed to one methodology he uses a form-follows-function approach because of the realities that must be addressed with a project of any complexity. Topics covered include:

  • Agility vs Waterfall vs Hybrid
  • The Triple Constraint
  • Projects vs Product Development: releases vs incremental sprints
  • When agility does and doesn’t work
  • Agile Enterprise vs Enterprise Agility
  • Risk Management: politics, superheroes, failing forward, and managing an agile team

Dan closes out with a reference to the seminal article by Takeuchi & Nonaka (https://hbr.org/1986/01/the-new-new-product-development-game) on product development with emphasis on the “limitations of agility” portion of the article.

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