Business has a personal side, especially if it is privately held or family-owned. In line with that we have today’s topic – Estate Transition. We have a panel of experts who represent 3 important professions and who work as a team to help insure your life’s transitions lead to your desired goals. They work with clients to get through the personal challenges along with those associated with living space/possessions, real estate, and financial planning.

Our experts comprise:

  • Dawn Lehman of DM Home Transitions LLC
  • Keith Sharick of HER Realtors
  • Parker Salata of Foresters Financial

There is a lot of good information in this podcast so a time stamp chart of the various topics is provided below.


1m 0s Introduction
3m 56s How we came together & created Lunch N Learns
5m 20s Adding value to our lunch and learns
7m 17s Addressing client’s struggles with anxiety and “not knowing”
8m 48s Being proactive with your transition to eliminate the fear
13m 8s Services vary with the client’s stage in life
13m 59s Listening to people and guiding them to the right person
16m 15s Downsizing in order to transition
17m 0s Excitement and relief from clearing out your space
22m 12s The importance of direct, detailed questions
24m 10s Identify fears and address them
31m 11s The personal approach over the transactional approach
33m 13s It’s their life and memories – client’s need for time
36m 22s Senior approach vs Millennial approach
38m 37s We put ourselves in the client’s shoes to understand better
40m 37s Contact information

You can reach today’s panelists at:

Dawn Lehman 614-800-8156

Keith Sharick 614-390-9317

Parker Salata 330-224-5147

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