Our guest is Urko Wood, president and founder of Reveal Growth Consultants. He helps companies find and capitalize on the

best opportunities for innovation and growth using the “jobs-to-be-done” (JTBD) innovation approach. He promises to increase new product success rates 2 – 5 times over industry averages to over 80%. As you will see, a key aspect of his success is redefining common terms for innovation.

Urko states that if leadership teams want to drive innovation and growth as a repeatable business process, then they must establish a common language and process for innovation. This means getting clear about:

  • What steps innovation entails and why executing them in the right sequence matters
  • The difference between a customer need and a product/service solution
  • The difference between innovation and creativity
  • How to redefine your markets from the customers’ point of view, and more.

Here is a time stamp chart indicating topic location.

Time Stamps:

time stamp notes
0h 4m 16s Why innovation does not start with a good idea
0h 5m 25s “People don’t want to buy a ¼” drill; they want a ¼” hole!”
0h 7m 8s Important unsatisfied needs are opportunities for innovation and growth
0h 13m 29s What is a “customer need?”
0h 22m 10s Change management and innovation
0h 25m 9s How to redefine markets for innovation
0h 29m 29s How to size a market for something that doesn’t exist yet
0h 37m 53s How to know where value is migrating in a market
0h 41m 58s “Stump the Prof:” Urko addresses two challenges
0h 46m 20s Why Steve Jobs was so successful (note: Urko referenced wrong product)
0h 53m 2s Innovation defined
0h 54m 41s Debunking the misbelief that “customers cannot tell us what they want”
0h 59m 19s 3 “workhorse” growth strategies JTBD makes possible
1h 4m 44s How to establish a valued and unique position in the market
1h 9m 53s A simple way that any business can use to drive innovation and growth
1h 11m 17s Impediments to innovation: conflating two experiments
1h 14m 45s What Thomas Edison really was doing during his 10,000 failed experiments
1h 18m 50s 2 key questions that elicit customer needs in any conversation
1h 20m 42s Another misconception: innovation is inherently risky

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