Need a better grip on your business? Productivity not where you want it?

Start getting control by taking the Chaos Quiz©


With the Chaos Quiz© in 3-5 minutes you get an assessment of your current situation and where you need to focus.


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Success in business today is a high-wire act needing a sense of balance while moving forward in the presence of turbulence both inside and outside the company.

The Chaos Quiz© tells you how stable or unstable your situation is.
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By answering 9 questions on the Chaos Quiz© you will get a snapshot of your business’s strengths and challenges.

You will also see where changes may be needed to keep your business moving forward.
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What about your time management? Getting stretched too thin?

By taking the Chaos Quiz© you will gain insight into whether or not your time is being spent in the right way.
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Need to implement change? With the Chaos Quiz results, Center for Managing Change will show you how to increase success through a combination of consulting, training, and other services. You decide what level of commitment suits your situation.

So go ahead and get clarity on what your next step needs to be!
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