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Currently when addressing TERM:

  1. Currently, proven methods are consistently achieving clearly defined goals.
  2. There is a need to combine or choose between proven methods to continue achieving clearly defined goals.
  3. Current methods are increasingly inefficient, costly, and fail from time-to-time to reach clearly defined goals.
  4. There are clearly defined goals but no methods implemented to achieve them.
  5. There are ideas about what to do but none have been converted to clear goals.

Overall, when it comes to TERM:

  1. Everyone knows what to do and works proactively as a team to achieve goals.
  2. Individuals achieve goals, as they understand them, without adequate connection to the rest of the team.
  3. Goals are reached but there is a dependency on being told what to do requiring excessive management input.
  4. Goals are not always reached even with excessive management input.
  5. There is non-performance and/or counter-productive behavior that hurts the organization.


  1. On average, I work hours/week.
  2. Percentage-wise I spend
    1. % in setting the vision and communicating it to stakeholders and team members.
    2. % setting goals and communicating them to the team, allowing them to figure out how to organize and execute.
    3. % in direct, hands-on management of day-to-day activities.


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