CEO Advanced Training Webinar

Team Profitability Assessment: Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth

Is it getting harder to deliver your goods or services on time and within budget?

Does it feel like the tail is wagging the dog and you’re spending more time dealing with team members demands instead of servicing the client?

When working to build a client-centric focus are you left wondering where some on your team are coming from?

Does it ever feel your needs are becoming less of a priority with some team members?

Ever left confused as to what motivates a team member?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to these questions then sign up now for the free webinar Team Profitability Assessment: Pinpointing Strengths and Weaknesse

where you learn:

  • The 4 criteria for assessing a team member’s performance and if they are working to your benefit
  • a graphic method for representing the entire team and assessing the level of stability or instability present
  • to determine where changes are needed and provide targeted feedback

So if you are interested in re-establishing your focus, getting on track, and getting back to growth and profitability this webinar is for you!

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